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"I'm not puttin' my lips on that."
—Ben on the subject of almost anything

Ben is the protagonist of Full Throttle. The leader of the Polecats OMG in a world where most wheeled vehicles have been replaced by various forms of hovercraft, he must fight an evil megacorporation led by antagonist Adrian Ripburger.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Though he dresses in tough-as-nails biker kit, Ben is considerate and rather intelligent. His motorcycle has a unique and striking exhaust design, featuring nine separate exhaust pipes.


After falling prey to Ripburger's machinations, the Polecats are wrongfully imprisoned, prompting Ben to embark on a three-day quest to reveal the new company president's legal indiscretions and save his gang. In the process, he meets Maureen, a seeming love interest, but it isn't to be.